The SkillsEngine™ Competency API

The Center for Employability Outcomes at Texas State Technical College brings you SkillsEngine, a pioneering, unique, competency-based approach to drive informed decisions for solving the skills gap. This platform enables strategic alignment of industry, education and individuals through the shared language of skills.

At the heart of the Platform is a detailed Skills Library consisting of industry validated competencies and continually curated by C4EO.

The revolutionary SkillsEngine efficiently extracts data from unstructured text like resumes, job postings and curriculum.

Access the power of the SkillsEngine through our developer friendly APIs.  I’m sure you’ll think of even more uses we haven’t considered yet.

As additional development around SkillsEngine continues, new Applications will be launched from both C4EO and our API partners.

The SkillsEngine API enables developers to quickly translate text into high quality skills data for any application. Have an idea for an application using SkillsEngin? Apply today for early access.

We built the Skill Profile Builder to demo SkillsEngine and provide an example of how you can power rich user interfaces using our high-quality, constantly curated competency data from C4EO.

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