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Building the Shared Skills Language Library
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The Competency Library is a continuously updated database of descriptive statements about what workers need to know and be able to do in their jobs. Expressed in a shared skills-based language, the statements are meaningful to business and industry, students, educators and training providers, policy makers and the taxpayers they represent. The descriptive statements are intended to improve transparency in the talent pipeline from career exploration and training to job placement and career advancement.

Validating Competency Profiles through Industry Experts

Business and industry subject matter experts are engaged through the Skills Validation tool. This process involves online surveys to assess the criticality, frequency, and proficiency level required for each skill. Respondents can also submit new skills and edit proposed skills. All of this is done online in minutes rather than days common in traditional occupational assessments.

Helping Colleges Align Curriculum Skill by Skill

The Skills Outcomes Analysis application uses the Competency Library to help colleges match what is taught in the classroom with work performed in business and industry. Colleges upload course learning outcomes which are matched and compared to competency profiles found for over 900 occupations. The output shows which learning outcomes are most relevant and which additional competencies may need to be incorporated into curriculum.

Automating Analysis via Natural Language Processing

The promise of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is automated analysis based on the programmatic ability to mine competency statements from unstructured text.  The content of the web can be used to increase fidelity and monitor every-changing skills requirements in near real-time. The result will be drastically reduced time and cost to create market-driven training curriculum, continuously updated occupational profiles and job seeker skills matching across a range of occupations.

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SkillsEngine API

Quickly translate text into high quality skills data for any application using the new Competency API. C4EO is now accepting applications for ealy access.

Profile Builder App

Create your own custom skills profile from our curated library of competencies using Profile Builder. Analyze curriculum, resumes, or job postings for powerful insights.


     This is a very good way to align curriculum across programs and across schools.

Mark Rowh from Amarillo Community College



      This is a way to provide some metrics on ‘goodness of fit’ and how well we’re doing at training our workforce. I have not seen data and analysis like this before.



Paul Potier from Austin Community College

     Our main focus is to improve student employability. This is about helping education leaders uncover ways to create job-driven curriculum.

— Michael Bettersworth from Texas State Technical College



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