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Advancing prosperity through a shared understanding of skills

Applied research and development to ensure a skilled workforce for Texas.

A nonprofit division of TSTC

What We Do

Center for Employability Outcomes

The Center for Employability Outcomes (C4EO) at Texas State Technical College is a research, development and commercialization division focused on optimizing student employability.

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Our Mission

C4EO is on a mission to advance prosperity and drive positive economic impact for Texans and Americans through the research, development, and deployment of innovative data-driven initiatives and applications

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C4EO in Action

SkillsEngine Initiative

Applying C4EO research and principles to solve lingering skill gaps in curriculum.

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Calibrate Alignment

Align curriculum to industry-validated skills so students are more employable and ready for the workforce.

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Data Analytics

Quickly translate text into high quality skills data for any application using the new SkillsEngine’s suite of APIs.

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Skill Profiling

Create your own custom skills profile from our curated library of competencies using Profile Builder. Analyze curriculum, resumes, or job postings for powerful insights.

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What We Do

Building the Shared Skills Language Library

The Competency Library is a continuously updated database of descriptive statements about what workers need to know and be able to do in their jobs.



Automating Analysis via Natural Language Processing

The promise of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is automated analysis based on the programmatic ability to mine competency statements from unstructured text.



Validating Competency Profiles through Industry Experts

Business and industry subject matter experts are engaged through the Skills Validation tool.



Helping Colleges Align Curriculum Skill by Skill

The Calibrate® application uses the SkillsEngine Competency Library to help educators align what is taught in the classroom with work performed in business and industry.



Why Texas

10thlargest economy in the world

largest US state by population

8.6%of total US GDP

3 of 10largest US cities by population US state workforce

49Fortune 500 headquarters

14MTexas civilian workforce

largest US state workforce

of total US manufacturing

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"This is a very good way to align curriculum across programs and across schools."
"This is a way to provide some metrics on ‘goodness of fit’ and how well we’re doing at training our workforce. I have not seen data and analysis like this before."
Paul Potier
Austin Community College
"Our main focus is to improve student employability. This is about helping education leaders uncover ways to create job-driven curriculum."
Michael Bettersworth
Vice Chancellor & Chief Innovation Officer
Texas State Technical College
“It has become an indispensible tool that will guide my department in making objective decisions about curriculum development.”
Jose Rodriguez
Department Chair
Texas State Technical College


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