⚠️⛔️ This is offering has changed. See SkillsEngine.

Smart Skill APIs

Enhance your apps or workflows using patented algorithms to surface meaningful insights with web-scalable APIs.

  • Convert unstructured text into high quality skills data
  • Bring skills from the battlefield to the labor market
  • Find the right skills for the job
Smart Skill APIs 

Profiler API

Poorly written job postings hinder finding ideal candidates. Resumes often lack relevant details. Profiler fills in the missing context behind the text.

Generate rich contextual metadata about any work-related document. Developers can use these tags to improve existing matching algorithms. Even better, create intelligent tools that enable users to write more descriptive documents from the start.

Matcher API

Matcher can help give your HR department a break.

Finding the ideal mix of skill requirements to include in a job posting, resume, or lesson plan can be difficult. Hiring managers know what they need but often struggle with the right wording. Matcher translates sentences into well-written, structured skills.

Warrior API

Service members use military occupation codes and specialities to quickly communicate capabilities and areas of expertise. This language is often foreign to the civilian labor market.

Warrior is designed to bridge this important skills gap by translating MOC/MOS codes into familiar occupations and collections of ranked, descriptive skill elements aligned with the civilian labor market. Identify relevant careers, incorporate related work activities into resumes and identify essential soft skills that clearly communicate soldier capabilities to hiring managers.

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