Skills Translation

C4EO creates advanced skills modeling and data analytics tools that connect educators, individuals, and industry. Current initiatives focus on aligning learning outcomes with marketable skills to close regional skill gaps.


Automated competency analysis, detection, and curation utilizing natural language processing.
NLP Framework Development

C4EO is developing advanced software capabilities to assist in translating text input data into related competency statements. Similarly, this software will assist in the library curation process as skill requirements change in the labor market. Computerized processing of human languages is called Natural Language Processing (NLP) and lies at the heart of the Competency Skills Platform. C4EO is working with data scientists to perfect and tune software and plans to release a public framework for third party development and integration.

NLP Purpose

The NLP algorithms under development are designed to automate the manual work performed by human labor market economists, industrial occupational psychologists and curriculum analysts who have years of education and experience. NLP applications include matching course outcomes, job descriptions, resumes, and other sources to common language competency descriptions.  In order to accomplish this, the software is designed to “understand” natural language and learn over time to increase fidelity.

NLP Goal

The promise of NLP is automated analysis based on the programmatic ability to mine competency statements from unstructured text.  The content of the web can be used to increase fidelity and monitor skills requirements as they change in near real-time. The result will drastically reduce the time and cost of creating market-driven training curriculum, continuously updating occupational profiles, and matching job seeker skills across a range of occupations.

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