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Generate custom competency profiles based on thousands of high-quality skill statements across more than 1,100 occupations.

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We built the Skill Profile Builder to demo SkillsEngine™ and provide an example of how you can power rich user interfaces using our high-quality, constantly curated competency data from C4EO.


SkillsEngine™ analyzes your data and detects occupations. Use this information to help individuals make career decisions, educators target occupations, and industries find the right talent across resumes. SkillsEngine™ can also pull employment data state specific.

Work Activities

SkillsEngine™ creates a set of customer work activities related to your text from our curated library of competencies. Use this information to help individuals write better resumes, educators develop measurable learning outcomes, and HR professionals create relevant job postings–all with the same SkillsEngine™API.

Workplace Essentials

Workplace Essentials are the important soft skills that describe social and behavioral characteristics critical to success in the workplace. The SkillsEngine™ API enables developers endless options for displaying skills data. Here’s a tag cloud.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

SkillsEngine™ assembles related knowledge, skill, and ability attributes which can be assigned both to people and to jobs–making them valuable indicators in the job matching process. The SkillsEngine™ API brings these powerful insights right to your fingertips.

Build your own custom profile

There's no better time than today to create your profile. You'll gain new insights to target your next career trajectory.

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